Wrapping it up

Where to go next.

Great job getting this far! The network/schematic, provider/component model allows us to connect code from all over with configuration alone. Take a look at the Manifest Documentation to find additional capabilities and documentation.

Other providers


The GrpcUrl provider turns a GRPC microservice into a provider and components. Use the vino.proto definition to automatically generate a compatible interface.


The Lattice provider connects components across a NATS message queue to distribute an application globally with no additional effort.

Handling errors

Errors short-circuit downstream connections. There are two types of errors, Errors and Exceptions. A component that fails completely, e.g. a component that panics or dies mid-execution, generates an Error and short circuits every downstream connection. Component developers can deliver Exceptions to individual ports which short-circuits that path only. Exceptions handle edge cases that can be analyzed or recovered from downstream, Errors are problems.

Short-circuited connections bypass all downstream components until it reaches a component that has a default value. That value is then substituted and normal execution continues.