Getting Started

Building your first components.

Keep the Terminology section on hand to help with any new terms.

Prerequisites for the getting started guide

Dependencies you may need to install for this guide

Installing Vino

How to install vino, vow, & vinoc

Create a new project

Using Yeoman to create a new WebAssembly provider

Build and run your new WebAssembly component

Build and run your WebAssembly component with vow

Adding logic to your component

How to work with component ports

Adding components

Adding additional components to our module

Running your WebAssembly component as a microservice

Use vow to turn any WebAssembly module into a standalone microservice for free.

Connecting components

Start connecting simple components on the command line.

Publishing components

Store and run signed artifacts from an OCI registry.

Wiring your component into a schematic

Bringing it all together

Wiring networks onto networks

Coming full circle

Wrapping it up

Where to go next.